The ideal LMS for trainers

Offer a unique learning experience for your participants and teachers with your own blended learning platform.

As a trainer your own direction on your learning platform is a prerequisite. In addition, you want planners, instructors and participants to benefit from the latest developments in the cloud.

We are constantly Procademydeveloping new features that combine our vision of cloud learning with the wishes of trainers. As a partner, you help determine the development agenda. In this way, we make the ideal LMS for instructors ever better! Want to know more?

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LMS for Trainers

Procademy for trainers

A customised interactive learning environment

User-friendly for teacher & participant

40+ Interactive forms of work

Simple translation of course material to in-company

Automatic planning according to smart learning paths

Powerful e-commerce options

API links available


Let your participants get the best out of themselves

Intuitive for teachers to use

Via the digital classroom, the teacher can see at a glance where the participants stand and which actions are open. In the meantime, it is easy to add new learning activities yourself for an optimal learning experience.

Easy to understand by participants

Provide the participant with a clear overview of the learning activities to be followed and provides easy access to knowledge.

40+ interactive forms of work

Create interactive lessons with the different working methods in Procademy. From video assignment to giving each other feedback in the digital classroom.

Remix lessons in new curricula

Easily create new courses with existing lesson material. Ideal for in-company courses. Adjust where necessary and reuse where possible. Whitelabel can be used in the customer's house style.

Smart dynamic planning per person

Automatically provide your participants with a tailor-made personal teaching programme. Set the conditions and dependencies yourself and Procademydo the rest.

Powerful E-commerce solution

Take advantage of the extensive e-commerce opportunities within Procademy. Apply discount codes, work with recurring payments or offer a Netflix model.  

The Procademy learning platform

Let your participants get the best out of themselves

Personalized learning

Offer your participants tailor-made teaching material based on competencies to be acquired, functions, etc.

Virtual classroom

Integrate seamlessly with Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Google Meet, Vitero and more!

Social learning

Let your participants learn from each other in addition to from teachers. Create community around themes.

Learning management

Organize a learning process in no time and get all the necessary analytics in the Procademy LMS.

Author tool

Create the most beautiful courses yourself with the interactive assignments and let teachers customize them.

Teaching material library

Add your own and third-party lesson content. We link with (almost) all curriculum providers.


Easily sell individual courses or entire learning pathways in the linked catalogue/shop

Discover all the possibilities of Procademy
Discover all the possibilities of Procademy

Borrow the Procademy 360 kit! And make your own virtual tour

Thomas Bekkers

Case study Vakmedianet

"You can think of a new e-learning tomorrow and by using procademy you will be live in no time". Monique Scholten Projectmanager Business Development Vakmedianet
Thomas Bekkers

Offline by Corona? Give the participant a full online training remotely

Do you receive cancellations that prevent your meetings from going on (profitably)? How can you deal with this pro-actively? Choose an online alternative. This way, the participant working from home can still follow your training. Read more about the ingredients for a successful and fully-fledged distance training.
Thomas Bekkers

Better accessibility (WCAG Procademy2.1)

Thanks to the cooperation with Stichting Accessibility, we have made a number of improvements in the recent period to increase the accessibility of Procademypeople with disabilities.
Thomas Bekkers

Creating an online learning environment: 3 steps to success

The time has come. You can create an online learning environment for your company. Of course you want the training to be a success. How do you do that? And where do you start? With these 3 simple steps we would like to help you on your way.
Thomas Bekkers

The e-learning platform: getting to know online learning

E-learning is in the elevator. Both worldwide and in the Netherlands, the e-learning market is growing and more and more organizations are using this way of training. Given the many advantages that an e-learning platform has to offer organizations, this growth is not crazy. More about these benefits of an e-learning platform later in this blog. First of all we go back to basics, because what exactly is an e-learning platform?
Thomas Bekkers

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