E-learning for trainers and publishers


The teacher has continuous access to the student's progress.

Offer the teacher and the student an intuitive and scalable learning platform.

Distribute content for different organizations through whitelabel environments

Advantages learning experience platform

Generic or own course material
Choice of standard e-learning modules or create interactive e-learning yourself

Reading or Reading alou
Help students learn by natural AI voting

Own style (white label)
Content and corporate identity to adapt to your own organisation

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The Procademy learning platform

Let your participants get the best out of themselves

Personalized learning

Offer your participants tailor-made teaching material based on competencies to be acquired, functions, etc.

Virtual classroom

Integrate seamlessly with Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Google Meet, Vitero and more!

Social learning

Let your participants learn from each other in addition to from teachers. Create community around themes.

Learning management

Organize a learning process in no time and get all the necessary analytics in the Procademy LMS.

Author tool

Create the most beautiful courses yourself with the interactive assignments and let teachers customize them.


Easily sell individual courses or entire learning pathways in the linked catalogue/shop

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Ivo Wouters
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Online materials should be accessible to everyone. That is beyond dispute for PGOsupport. Digital accessibility is therefore a must for us. People with a visual, motor, auditory or cognitive disability must be able to find their way around our website and learning platform. The reason why we adhere to the guidelines for digital accessibility WCAG 2.0. From a technical point of view, this requires quite a bit from a learning platform. Finding a partner who understands and can do this is essential.

Procademy has been working with the Accessibility Foundation since 2017, making accessibility a top priority. Because of this we had a good match right away. Accessibility experts and visually impaired test subjects tested the software several times.

In our choice process for an online learning platform, cooperation, or even partnership, was also extremely important. And that turned out very well with Procademy. Sometimes something seems convenient and somehow the people of Procademy so good that the translation of our wish always leads to an appropriate answer. Then they build it. What I find very clever about it is that they develop it in such a way that it is ultimately also useful for other clients. Procademy thinks in sustainable solutions.

We also get feedback from them. Have you thought about here and here? It's really an interaction where we pull each other to the next level. This and the rest of the cooperation offers a lot of opportunities for us.

Monique Scholten - Project Manager Business Development VMN Media
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It had to become much more fun to learn and develop yourself via Vakmedianet. We wanted to make our e-learning much more interactive with videos and different test forms. This was all possible with procademy . You can choose from a wide range of interactive exercises and test questions.

The new LMS had to be ready to use, look attractive and be user-friendly, both for the person who would be setting up the e-learning and for the end users. With procademy we could get started right away. It has an intuitive environment and is easy to use. After a short explanation it was just a matter of doing it. Learning by doing, so to speak. And that is what practice has proven to be.

Because we opted for an existing 'fixed' LMS, we also wanted it to be continuously developed. Procademy fortunately does not stand still. They are innovative and have an international network. We are kept well informed of new developments and functionalities through newsletters and conversations. 

Our starting point may well be that we use as much as possible of what we have. However, we are pleased to say that procademy allows for customisation. In addition to an 'all you can eat' package of e-learning, we can now also offer individual e-learning in a catalogue to professionals.

Create your own interactive exercises

You can add interactive exercises on your own. These increase the learning pleasure of the participants. In total you can choose from more than 35 exercises, from memory games to interactive video.

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