Data protection & data security

Securing personal and business sensitive information Procademy is our top priority. On this page we would like to tell you all about the measures we take on a daily basis to securely manage your data.

Security at Procademy

Procademy has the ISO 27001, ISO 9001 and NEN 7510 certificates. Data security and quality assurance are in our DNA so that our customers can use Procademy with confidence.

Our safety measures

These are measures within your Procademy environment

Each Procademy environment has its own database

To prevent data from accidentally ending up in a different environment due to a technical error, we isolate all data per environment in our own database.

Encryption of personal data

Personal data must remain personal. That is why we encrypt personal data in our databases and all uploads from users wherever possible.

ISO 27001 certified hosting

The hosting of the Procademy platform is in the hands of our partner Combell, ISO 27001 certified.

SSL certificate

Each environment is provided with an SSL certificate that encrypts all data between user and server.

IP restriction for administrators

Users with additional rights and access to personal data can be protected with an additional IP authentication at login.

Audit & Activity Log

An Audit- & Activities log can be viewed, so that certain actions of admins and users can be tracked.

Layered rights structure

InsideProcademy , you can create your own roles where permissions can be individually enabled or disabled. Everyone can have one or more roles. In this way, it can be limited that someone has more rights than necessary to perform management tasks.

Our operational measures

These are measures on the work floor

Privacy by design

In the further development of new functionality within Procademy the company, data security is number 1. Involved employees have been trained to keep this in focus in each component.

Communication in numbers

We limit the exchange of personal data in, for example, support tickets to a minimum. That is why we communicate as much as possible with anonymous identifiers (user ID).

2-FA / IP whitelisting

Procademy management accounts of employees with Procademy 2FA (2 Factor Authentication) and, where necessary, only accessible via their own network (VPN).

Password management

Procademy Employees work with encrypted password managers, biometric access control and hardware keys. Password age is automatically monitored.

Zero downtime automated deployments

Our infrastructure is set up in such a way that releases are validated and executed via a standard procedure and usually take place without downtime.

High release interval

With our high release interval we quickly catch problems and ensure that external components are quickly updated with safety patches.

Report security issue

Do you suspect a vulnerability or security issue within Procademy despite our strict security measures? Then don't hesitate and let us know as soon as possible via so that we can get to the bottom of it and take immediate action! 

Be cautious with testing

Do not abuse the weakness found by, for example, downloading more data than is necessary to demonstrate the leak and do not change or delete data yourself.

Do not share the suspicion with others

Data security is our top priority. By not disclosing your findings, we can correct a potential security incident in time, before malicious parties can take advantage of it.

Stop editing or displaying personal data

Do you feel that something is not right in the security? Do not continue viewing or editing personal data until you have contacted us about your findings.

Do not include unnecessary personal data in your report

Give us enough information to reproduce your finding, but make sure that you do not share any personal data with your report. For example, make the personal details black in a screenshot.

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