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Procademy offers an online academy for the development of interactive e-learning and the organisation and monitoring of all training activities.

Especially for trainers

A customised interactive learning environment

Procademy was not conceived by a number of ICT professionals, but by trainers. The now 200+ trainers determine our roadmap. As a result, you will receive Procademy a platform that really fits what you need. In addition to the software, we offer free implementation support and unlimited support, so you can quickly up and run your online academy!

Add your own wishes to our roadmap

40+ Interactive forms of work

Free implementation support

Unlimited support

Simple translation of course material to in-company

Automatic planning according to smart learning paths

Powerful e-commerce options

API links available

Create interactive e-learning

Create interactive teaching materials and tests independently in your online academy. With more than 30 interactive elements, you can create interesting and fun e-learning in no time. The participant is not waiting for "a book behind glass"!

Interactive Videos

Memory games

Image hotspots



Online lesson via the virtual classroom

Teach online in a simple way (webinar) with the virtual classroom of Procademy

The teacher has the possibility to teach with Procademy teach fully online:

Determine when participants are allowed to share image/sound

Share the screen for showing videos or presentations

Temporarily have participants conduct an assignment or discussion in subgroups

Have participants answer (test) questions and share the results

Give 1 on 1 sessions with participants for extra guidance

Make your own videos interactive in the online learning environment! This will make the participant more active in watching the videos.

Real-time insight into the knowledge level of the participant

The online academy gives you a clear overview of all the training courses and tested knowledge of your participants. Adjust based on the progress and results of your participants.

Participants will receive a timely notification from the online academy to repeat certain courses in order to retain a certificate, or to develop a new competence. A new participant is automatically registered for the required induction and job-related courses & instructions. By means of a smart e-mail notification system, the participant and manager are kept informed of the progress.

The training offer is tailored to the role and function of your participant.

Introduce competencies and certificates for individuals/teams

Also overview of classroom and practical training courses

Overview of activity in all course groups

Subsequent availability of courses for employees

Automatic notifications upon expiration of certification

Create your own teaching materials and tests in your online academy

Create independent teaching materials and tests in your online academy. This is ideal for specific work & machine instructions or internal company trainings.

Create unlimited courses, lessons and exams

Upload videos or documents to supplement the course material

Use the many test options: various question types, time limit, display of test results and weighting of test questions.

User-friendly interface for frontend and backend

Offer teaching material from various suppliers

Easily import teaching materials, exams and results obtained elsewhere from your training providers. This allows you to manage all courses in one online learning environment and you are not dependent on one particular provider.

Procademy uses LTI, Tin Can API and SCORM for data exchange.

Save time with blended learning

With the online learning environment you Procademycan organize the (re)schooling of your participants in a more flexible way, resulting in time savings. For example, travel costs are not incurred more or less, because a course can be taken at any location in the online academy.

In addition, a course can be integrated into a participant's normal working day. In this way, the course can be followed when it is most convenient, so no productive time needs to be lost.

Certification management

With the online learning environment of Procademyyou have insight into all your necessary certifications of your participant. You know where your participants and teams still need to be trained. You can schedule specific training courses for each participant.

Once your participant has completed the e-learning and any practical assignments, the online academy can generate a certificate.

Secure data storage

Your company details are in safe hands. The online academy is hosted in a fully isolated certified hosting environment and is also possible as an "on premise" installation at your location if desired.

The processes and procedures of
our hosting partner are tested and certified according to the ISO 27001 standard. This guarantees that your data is protected to a high degree and that a continuous policy is maintained.

Read more about the security ofProcademy

Your online academy always accessible in the cloud

Your own online academy is in the cloud, so it's accessible from anywhere. You don't have to install anything yourself and don't depend on expensive programmers. In addition, you and your participants can log in anytime, anywhere to get started with mandatory business training.

If desired, access to the company academy can Procademybe limited to the company network and actively allowed IP addresses.

Interface with your HRM system & Single Sign On

You can Procademy link to your HRM system so that the right courses are automatically available in the online academy.* When a change of function occurs, the courses on offer change along with it, whereby the historical data are retained.

You can Procademy Also connect to your Microsoft Azure Active Directory for Single Sign On. Your participants do not have to remember an extra password and do not spend extra time logging into the online learning environment. You do not have to make personnel changes inProcademy. Once the participant has an active Azure account, the participant has access to the online learning environment.

* Please inform about the possibilities

Internationally deployable online learning environment

Procademy can be used worldwide. You can manage all translations independently and clearly. You can link a lesson section to an unlimited number of translations, if you want to make a change you can do so directly in front of the linked translations. You can also manage and add translations with Procademy in your own hands!

Which languages are available? Procademy supports, among other things, all languages in the European Union. Please feel free to contact us for a complete current list.

Active community

Contact with experience experts, best practices, extensive documentation and development based on user experience thanks to an active community.

The users of the online academy Procademyboth teachers and students, come together in an active community. Here questions are asked & answered, discussions are held about interesting applications and suggestions are provided for the further development of the Learning Management System.

In this way, a product is created that really meets the wishes of the user. Features such as the ability to upload assignments, approve them manually or automatically, and to provide immediate feedback on them are made possible by the many input from the Procademy community.

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