I have a complaint...

Filing a complaint

Not satisfied with our service? We are sorry to hear that! We want to do everything to serve you as well as possible, so your complaint is an important signal to us.

How can I make a complaint?

  • We recommend that you contact us first at 085 401 5001. We may then be able to help you directly.
  • Does this not solve the problem? Then you can report your complaint via our digital complaints inbox. You can also indicate whether you have any suggestions as to how we can prevent a similar situation arising in the future or how we can best respond to your complaint. You can send your complaint via complaint@procademy.nl.

What happens to my complaint?

Upon receipt of your complaint, we will contact you by telephone as soon as possible. We will discuss and try to solve your complaint. Is it not possible to solve your complaint in this way? Then you will receive a written response from us with an explanation and we will strive to find the best possible solution for you within the possibilities of Procademy.

What happens to my personal data?
We will only use the personal details you fill in when reporting a complaint for the handling of the complaint and will keep these in our administration as long as necessary, but no longer than 2 years after the complaint has been handled. You can at any time inspect or request deletion via privacy@procademy.nl.

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