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Looking for a versatile online learning platform? Procademy puts your needs first. The most flexible learning platform in NL & ISO certified (ISO 9001, ISO 27001, NEN 7510).

We stand for partnership and long-term cooperation with all our clients. Together we realize the perfectly fitting learning platform!


Together we form the strength of Procademy

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Herman Versteegt


Wouter van Emmerik


Peter Esser


Marijn Sluyter

Customer Support Professional

IJsbrand van Prattenburg

Software Engineer
Security & Privacy Officer

Henk Kroon

Software Engineer

Stefan de Bruin

Software Engineer

Lana Kochetova

UX / Front-End Engineer

Han van Santen

Implementation Consultant

Ellen van der Linde

Customer Support Professional

Dieke Versteegt

Back Office & Finance

Why Procademy?

Involved Your wishes are our starting point when setting up. We don't believe in the SaaS 'This is what it is, take it or leave it'. As a client you really have something to say to use.

Personal We like short lines and are there for you. If you have a question, give us a call and we'll help you on your way. 

Easy to use You can immediately get started with your own interactive e-learning environment, Procademy has been conceived and developed by trainers.


From classmates to e-learning specialists


Wouter and Peter met in 1988 at kindergarten. There they make 'super drawings'. Which means that Wouter draws and Peter sticks everything together. Six years later the love for programming is born and in high school they develop together a computer game and websites for local entrepreneurs and the sports club. The most important insight of our time? They realize how much fun working together is.


Websites and webshops

Flash forward to 2008. Together they founded esser-emmerik VOF with which they help companies with online activities via a self-developed platform. They are developing a custom-made platform for the municipality of The Hague to keep up with developments in the Krachtwijken. They also work for Staatsbosbeheer, Natuurmonumenten, SURF, and Van Dijk Educatie, among others. Herman joined as a partner in 2011.


'Can you support us in finding a good e-learning system (ELO)?'. This question is posed by a trainer from Twente in 2013. Procademy sees the light. After the industry, many customers come from the logistics, healthcare and public sector. Previous activities are being phased out and Procademy will soon become the company's main activity.


Industry specialists

In 2016 Procademy will be certified by the CBR (CCV) and the e-learning software for continuing education (code 95) can be used. The healthcare sector will then quickly follow up with clients in maternity care, child care, youth care, hospital care and funeral care. As a result of this growth, Procademy has received 3 times the FD Gazellen Awards. Various partnerships are entered into with educational partners. In 2020 all activities of Procademy will be accommodated at Procademy B.V.

ISO 27001/9001 NEN7510

We find safety and quality very important at Procademy. In order to have this independently tested and demonstrated, we have obtained the following ISO and NEN certifications:

ISO 27001: Focus on confidentiality, availability and integrity of the company and Procademy as a service

ISO 9001: Focus on quality of the services of Procademy

NEN 7510: Focus on additional procedures to secure deal with care-related data


Technology partner

For the 6th time Procademy may receive the FD Gazellen Award. We also worked with the team to sharpen our mission statement to "Technological partner in learning and development." Procademy is the perfect match for educators looking for partnership and flexibility in the learning platform.

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