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Ivo Wouters
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Online materials should be accessible to everyone. That is beyond dispute for PGOsupport. Digital accessibility is therefore a must for us. People with a visual, motor, auditory or cognitive disability must be able to find their way around our website and learning platform. The reason why we adhere to the guidelines for digital accessibility WCAG 2.0. From a technical point of view, this requires quite a bit from a learning platform. Finding a partner who understands and can do this is essential.

Procademy has been working with the Accessibility Foundation since 2017, making accessibility a top priority. Because of this we had a good match right away. Accessibility experts and visually impaired test subjects tested the software several times.

In our choice process for an online learning platform, cooperation, or even partnership, was also extremely important. And that turned out very well with Procademy. Sometimes something seems convenient and somehow the people of Procademy so good that the translation of our wish always leads to an appropriate answer. Then they build it. What I find very clever about it is that they develop it in such a way that it is ultimately also useful for other clients. Procademy thinks in sustainable solutions.

We also get feedback from them. Have you thought about here and here? It's really an interaction where we pull each other to the next level. This and the rest of the cooperation offers a lot of opportunities for us.

Blackbird Luchies
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The Kids Phone

"Procademy is very accessible. After a morning of instruction, we were able to get straight to work and we were able to instruct other colleagues ourselves. At the same time, the support of Procademyalways available to help. That's why it felt like learning on the job: you start training and as soon as you get stuck you call for help. By now we know quite well how it works, so we don't have to call as often. However, the people at Procademythe office are still there for us and the lines are short".

"Another plus is the many templates of exercises that are available and easy to insert into the training. So you don't have to think about the design of an exercise yourself and then build it. Once you know which templates are available, all you have to do is choose the right one, fill in the form and you're done".

Raymond Bouwmeester
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KLK Kolb Specialties B.V.

"The advantage of this Procademyis that we can now offer our employees, and in some cases also the contractors, training much faster. What's more, we can record the qualifications and competencies of our people well and efficiently in the system. Managers can also see in real time which training courses have been offered or rejected so that they can better follow the development of their people".

"What I experience as very positive is that the ease of use for both authors and users has enabled us to publish an average of 1 to 2 modules per month in recent times. In addition, you stand out to me because of the way you think along with us. That has made it a lot easier for us to make the ELO a success".

"KLK Kolb Specialties B.V. developed a multi-year programme for learning activities in the context of safety and compliance. The employees and contractors make partial use of an electronic learning environment".

Rob Masseling
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Massaging HRD Experts

"As a training expert, I naturally follow developments in the field of e-learning very closely. Where things went wrong years ago, E-Learning is back again! What we have learned from the past is that E-learning cannot stand alone in most cases. The blended learning concept (a combination of E-learning and physical education) was born. E-learning platforms have also really taken off in terms of functionality. All kinds of things can be purchased and one learning environment looks even more beautiful than the other. And what you can do with it is also fantastic. But what do you really need? Which ELE has a good balance between price and functionality/quality?

"Procademy is in my experience one of the few platforms with that right price-quality ratio. Worth a compliment as far as I'm concerned! "

André Bogert
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Vibo Group

"The great thing is that the driver can now achieve 20 of the 35 code 95 hours of refresher training in his own time. So you no longer have to do this in the classroom; you do the theory at home and the practice on location.

Because as a trainer I can create certified e-learning modules myself, I can offer my customers this advantage. I can offer the modules both in my own house style and in the house style of my client.

Scheduling the practical training courses can now also be done much more efficiently. Previously we could provide 7 hours of refresher training per Saturday, but now we can provide 14 hours of refresher training. These 14 hours are feasible because the driver has already followed the 8 theoretical hours prior to the practical training. Then on a Saturday we plan two sessions of 3 hours for the practice, which is easy to do and also saves time for the driver.

In addition to the code 95 refresher training, it is also possible for my clients to create their own internal training courses. That just appeals to me.

Code 95 is mandatory in the Professional Competence Directive for professional drivers. This European Directive states what a driver must do to become and remain a professional driver. The Directive applies to all professional drivers from the EU and professional drivers working in the EU.

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