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It had to become much more fun to learn and develop yourself via Vakmedianet. We wanted to make our e-learning much more interactive with videos and different test forms. This was all possible with procademy . You can choose from a wide range of interactive exercises and test questions.

The new LMS had to be ready to use, look attractive and be user-friendly, both for the person who would be setting up the e-learning and for the end users. With procademy we could get started right away. It has an intuitive environment and is easy to use. After a short explanation it was just a matter of doing it. Learning by doing, so to speak. And that is what practice has proven to be.

Because we opted for an existing 'fixed' LMS, we also wanted it to be continuously developed. Procademy fortunately does not stand still. They are innovative and have an international network. We are kept well informed of new developments and functionalities through newsletters and conversations. 

Our starting point may well be that we use as much as possible of what we have. However, we are pleased to say that procademy allows for customisation. In addition to an 'all you can eat' package of e-learning, we can now also offer individual e-learning in a catalogue to professionals.

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