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"We are there for all students who follow the Building, Living and Interiors direction at VMBO. We work for 180 schools, with some 5,000 students using our learning resources platform."

"We already had experience with Learning Management Software. What we mostly ran into was that the software was not being developed fast enough. The capabilities were not state-of-the-art and contemporary educational principles, so the user experience was not optimal. We also noticed that we could not exert enough influence on the roadmap. Specific wishes, which are very important in our daily practice, thus took too long to implement. That's why we started talking to a number of clubs and eventually ended up at Procademy ."

"Stability is almost invaluable for online learning tools in schools at all, Cor explains, "If a class is sitting there on Monday morning ready to take a test that was studied hard over the weekend and the whole thing doesn't work, then of course the teacher has a huge problem."

"There really is a partnership. This is expressed in a lot of consultation, in thinking along from the perspective of Procademy to develop education-specific wishes and the willingness to take care of some of the improvements themselves.

Learn more about our partnership with VMBO-BWI.

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