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"The great thing is that the driver can now achieve 20 of the 35 code 95 hours of refresher training in his own time. So you no longer have to do this in the classroom; you do the theory at home and the practice on location.

Because as a trainer I can create certified e-learning modules myself, I can offer my customers this advantage. I can offer the modules both in my own house style and in the house style of my client.

Scheduling the practical training courses can now also be done much more efficiently. Previously we could provide 7 hours of refresher training per Saturday, but now we can provide 14 hours of refresher training. These 14 hours are feasible because the driver has already followed the 8 theoretical hours prior to the practical training. Then on a Saturday we plan two sessions of 3 hours for the practice, which is easy to do and also saves time for the driver.

In addition to the code 95 refresher training, it is also possible for my clients to create their own internal training courses. That just appeals to me.

Code 95 is mandatory in the Professional Competence Directive for professional drivers. This European Directive states what a driver must do to become and remain a professional driver. The Directive applies to all professional drivers from the EU and professional drivers working in the EU.

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