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"The e-learning software from Procademy has solved a number of challenges for us. Before we worked with Procademy , I was giving first-line training to new customer service employees together with some colleagues. During a classroom presentation you cannot take into account the speed at which someone learns. Some people absorb information in no time, others need more time. Thanks to e-learning, everyone can learn at their own pace. Funnily enough, software offers the human touch.

"New customer service agents now go through the same training from day 1"

The customer service employees of Simpel work at different locations. Of course you want all employees to have the same level of knowledge. In practice, because of the different trainers, there was a difference in knowledge levels. We also sometimes had to wait with giving a training until we had formed a training group. This meant that we could not always start training new employees immediately.

Thanks to the e-learning software of Procademy , all our employees now receive the same information. A new agent can start immediately with the e-learning, without having to wait for a classroom training

We have developed the training courses in collaboration with Tele'Train. And if we have a question about the Procademy software, the expert staff is easy to reach and often answers your question the same day. We are so satisfied with the e-learning of Procademy that we are now also preparing specific e-learning courses for other target groups at Simpel."

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