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Childcare is a profession. That includes regularly training and challenging pedagogical employees. But how do you do this when you have staff shortages and PM-ers who are in the group all day? Train your PM-ers online in your own academy.

Procademy you can develop your own e-learning modules in your own academy. It is very easy to make your own introduction module for new employees, an e-learning about nutrition policy, pedagogic policy, etcetera!

Advantages e-learning childcare

Efficient way of training and retraining PM'ers

Your own learning material
Create your own interactive e-learning

Own style
Content and house style to adapt to own childcare

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Since the Beroepskracht-kindratio (bkr) was tightened on 1 January 2019, finding and employing new staff has proved to be an even greater challenge for many childcare facilities.

The use of e-learning shortens and improves the onboarding of new PM'ers. For example, you can give them a 'day out' in the group from a distance via an interactive video and you can easily train them on, for example, food and hygiene policy.


Shorter and better familiarisation process.

Nice way to introduce new employees

See the progress of the familiarisation process per PM

Insight into tested knowledge in one overview

The Procademy learning platform

Let your participants get the best out of themselves

Personalized learning

Offer your participants tailor-made teaching material based on competencies to be acquired, functions, etc.

Virtual classroom

Integrate seamlessly with Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Google Meet, Vitero and more!

Social learning

Let your participants learn from each other in addition to from teachers. Create community around themes.

Learning management

Organize a learning process in no time and get all the necessary analytics in the Procademy LMS.

Author tool

Create the most beautiful courses yourself with the interactive assignments and let teachers customize them.

Teaching material library

Add your own and third-party lesson content. We link with (almost) all curriculum providers.


Easily sell individual courses or entire learning pathways in the linked catalogue/shop

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E-learning modules


Some frequently asked questions

How do you get e-learning off to a good start as childcare?

Through cooperation! In our Academy2share you share generic e-learning modules with other childcare organisations. This allows you to make use of each other's capacity and knowledge, and you can simply make more training courses available more quickly.

Can I also develop e-learning modules specific to our childcare?

Yeah, it is. When publishing an e-learning module, you indicate whether it can be made available in Academy2share. You are free to develop your own modules as well.

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Create your own interactive exercises

Procademy has standard e-learning modules available for PM'ers in the so-called Academy2share. It is also possible to create your own modules. This is an interesting opportunity to give shape to continuing education at low cost. This way you can add interactive exercises. These increase the learning pleasure of the participants. In total you can choose from more than 35 exercises, from memory games to interactive video.

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